Electric Stapler Rapid Classic 90ec, 30 sheets

Full-strip compact electric stapler with front loading. Will integrate well with other office appliances eg printer, photocopier, etc.
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Staples up to 30 sheets of paper (80 gsm)

230V, standard EU plug

Uses 44/6-7 mm staples

Adjustable stapling depth 0-60 mm

90EC very fast solenoid power (about 1/100 second)

Compact electric stapler with front loading


Code 20942903
Color White/Black
Material Plastic, metal and electronics
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 120 x 130 x 250
44/7 staples
Capacity of Stapling 30 sheets
Electrical Yes
Type of Staples 150 x No. 44
Type of Stapling Stapling and pinning
Insertion Depth 60 mm
Loading Mechanism Front loading
Weight 2