Rapid RP100 MULTI Power reduction Riveting pliers

Easy-to-use, powerful and heavy-duty riveting pliers, suited to all types of sheet metal work and repairs. Power reduction technology and a comfortable, ergonomic handle make the RP100 Multi especially useable in major projects, as you can work longer and drive in many rivets without muscle fatigue. With the unique multinozzle, you can quickly change between rivet sizes without changing the nozzle. This means fewer interruptions and optimal results when working with any kind of sheet metal job. The pliers also have integrated callipers that help you to measure the thickness of the material that you are going to join, as well as the diameter of the blind rivet. They are designed for 3.2–4.8 mm blind rivets made of all types of materials, and they can even cope with the hardest rivets made of stainless steel. Among their other practical features, they have, for example, a holster belt hook and a rivet pin receiver for leftover parts of the pin.
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For 3.2–4.8 mm blind rivets made of all types of materials

Multinozzle – fits for all 3.2–4.8 mm rivets

Control feature for rivet diameter

Integrated callipers

Comfortable, ergonomic handle

Practical holster belt hook

Rivet pin receiver

Strong metal jaws

Lightweight: 0.7 kg

5 year guarantee


Code 5001487
Colour ------------
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 175 x 45 x 350
Rivet type Ø3.2 , 4.0 , 4.8 mm
Rivet Material Aluminium , Stainless Steel, Copper
Weight 0.8